We try to be as flexible as possible as different people and dogs have different needs. The following is a guide to our services.

One to one initial Behaviour and Training consultation with e-mail or phone follow-up.

 Fear, Aggression, Anxiety, Rescue and Rehabilitation, Hyperactivity, Reactivity, Separation issues, Life skills, Lead work to name a few.   

Blocks of three continued support      £50

Puppy Consult                                         £45    

Puppy support X 3                                  £45       

Distances over 10 miles mileage charge 40p per mile 

Social Walk support sessions                                                  £55

Social Walk support sessions are held on Wednesday evening only and by invitation. These are particularly beneficial for dogs with dog-dog, dog-human, environmental issues. It is important that groundwork is put in place before attending so that dogs and owners can gain as much positive an experience as possible.

Reiki for Dogs

Reiki for Dogs can be helpful where there is pain, anxiety, trauma and for some behaviour issues. It can help to calm and relax in the young, old and ill. With my background in Dog behaviour, Rescue and Rehabilitation I have found it to be a great help and comfort.  Reiki consults may also include Behavioural/Lifestyle advice in order to gain the most benefit.

If you think your Dog may be ill it is important they are first seen by your Vet.