Picture Gallery

 Jackie with Spooky (Head Helper) and Jaz after dog to dog socialisation help.

Tilly (Support Helper) with Shadow.


Guinness (black and white collie) and his little sister Tia. Guinness has been with us since the beginning and now acts as moral support for Tia.

Fudge - sadly no longer with us. Came to us with many problems and ended up being one of our helper dogs. 

Piggle. Often came along for the ride with her brother Fudge and loved every minute.


Shadow. Piggle's new younger brother. Now loves to walk with Spooky (Head Helper), Tilly (Support Helper) and Lana (Trainee Helper).

           Lilly enjoying her holiday.

      Hollie admiring the view.

        Lilly 2, Just relaxing.