About Us

Carol - Creator of Canine Conundrums (with some of her previous dogs)

The motivation for starting Canine Conundrums (established 2006) comes from a passion for the health and welfare of rescue dogs and after care once re-homed. Over the years it has become apparent that it is not just rescue dogs that need our help to gain confidence, re-learn their canine language and to connect with their human carers.

Jackie, Jane and I have worked, and continue to work with a variety of rescue organizations including Dogs Trust, Border Collie Trust, Moorlands dog rescue. It is Jackie’s and Jane’s help that make the Social walks so successful.

 I completed Sheila Harper Ltd IDBTS course (now IPACS) in 2006 and was a member of Sheila’s team for a number of years. As well as a multitude of short courses, workshops and seminars, both Jane and I have completed a Canine Behaviour course with The Natural Animal Centre. I have also attended ‘ The Spiritual Dog trainer ’ with Sally Askew looking at health, welfare, emotional balance and life stages of Dogs. Between us we have many years experience of working with Canine Body Language and Stress, the cornerstones of the work we do, not only when helping clients and working within the rescue environment but also by having lived at home with a variety of dogs with physical and emotional baggage.

We are fully insured and regularly attend seminars, workshops and webinars in order to continue our professional development (CV available on request). I have been an INTO DOGS Certified Canine Behaviourist (Association of Intuitive and Natural Training for Dogs and Owners) and Affiliate member of PDTE (Pet Dog Trainers of Europe) but as I change the emphasis of how I work I have decided to rescind my affiliations but remain 'Friend' to both organizations as they are very much forefront in the Force Free training movement.

I am a full member of UK Reiki Federation (Master Practitioner).

I am an Animal Healing and Communication Practitioner (Animal Healing Trust).

 We do not use aversive methods of any kind.

We have three helper dogs, Spooky-head helper, Tilly-support helper and Lana-trainee helper.


Jackie with Spooky collie lurcher (Head Helper) with a guest appearance by little Captain Jack Sparrow.

         Jane with Lana greyhound (Trainee Helper)